Crown and veil

Veils, headpieces and jewelry are fantastic accessories for completing your look

The bride wants to shine in the spotlight at her wedding and she's suppose to be the center of attention. Don't forget to complete your beautiful look with some of our accessories!


Pearl necklace

It's all in the details and we'll make sure every single one is taken care of

The fashion experts say no look is ever complete until you have at least one accessory on. And it’s true! Polish your wedding day look even more with stunning, unique pieces that will compliment your overall style.

Even if you're having a simple ceremony, you need to accessorize

Whether your big day is going to be a huge formal affair or a quiet, simple affair with close friends and family, the bride and her attendants still need to look their absolute best. The right accessory truly can make or break a look!

  • Jewelry
  • Veils
  • Headpieces

We carry exclusive pieces by:

  • Carley Designs
  • Bel Aire

Complete your look with beautiful jewelry, headpieces, and veils
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